Independent Chucks

As the name suggests the Independent chuck is that lathe machine chuck whose jaws operate independently. This is used where the job is irregular or noncylindrical in shape. Since each jaw operates separately with the help of key, it can hold most of the industrial jobs. These chucks can be directly mounted on the back plate and have ID & OD gripping.


We at Deluxe Chucks excel in making sizes varying from 110 mm to 1800 mm of High quality, Lightweight, seamless & rigid C.I. casted body.



Our specialty chucks that made our brand popular with the name Deluxe is manufactured with the highest precision and best machinery setup throughout the region. These chucks are used for a short taper that can be directly mounted without a backplate. These chucks are mainly used for odd shaped products.

Deluxe chucks symbolize chucking technique on machine tools. Our products distinguish themselves through quality, precision and durability being thoroughly checked by our vigilant quality control Department on modern test and experimenting devices.

Every individual chuck is tested for concentricity on diameter and face trueness for both the forward and reverse jaws.


Chuck Body: High Strength Cast Iron robust jaw guides and ample bearing for working parts with hardness 180 – 200 Bhn.


Jaws: Proportioned to provide a maximum length of contact in the guide with minimum weight. Heat treated to obtain optimum conditions of strength and hardness on jaw teeth and gripping faces accurately ground. Deluxe jaws are made from steel and carburized to 55 – 60 Hrc


Screw & Handle Key: Screws are precision machined alloy steel, heat treated to obtain high strength & hardness compatible with freedom breakage ground bearing diameters.


Single Slot Independent Chucks

This chuck is available with 4 jaws and is manufactured in sizes of 110mm (4 inches) to 1810mm (72 inches).


Double Slot Independent Chucks

For better gripping, we make jaws with double slots and they too come 4 jaws and is manufactured in sizes of 110mm 4 inches) to 1810mm (72 inches).


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