Self Centering Chucks

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Self Centering Lathe Machine Chucks also widely known as Tru Chuck & Manual Chuck is broadly used in the Mechanical industry. These chucks are used to hold jobs for the lathe machine while rotating its workpiece on lathe axis. Self-centering chuck is mainly used for circular or uniform workpieces to get precision jobs done such as threading, turning, and sizing.

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Chuck Body – High Strength Cast Iron Hardness 180 – 200 Bhn

Scroll – Made from exceptionally tough alloy steel individually inspected for accuracy. Hardness 30-35 Hrc

Jaws – Proportioned to provide a maximum length of contact in guides with minimum weight. Heat treated to obtain optimum conditions of strength and hardness on jaw-teeth and gripping accurately. Hardness 50-55 Hrc

Pinions & Handle – Alloy steel, heat treated to obtain high strength & hardness. Hardness 25-30 Hrc


Types of Self Centering Chucks :

  1. 2 Jaw Self Centering Chucks
  2. 3 Jaw Self Centering Chucks
  3. 4 Jaw Self Centering Chucks
  4. 6 Jaw Self Centering Chucks


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